[uf-new] hAudio ISSUE #3: published-date is redundant

Manu Sporny msporny at digitalbazaar.com
Sun Aug 5 19:47:14 PDT 2007

Skipping haudio ISSUE #2 because we don't have halbum done yet. halbum
might also use audio-title, or album-title. Use of FN or SUMMARY could
conflict. We'll revisit hAudio ISSUE #2 when we have halbum in a more
stable state.

hAudio ISSUE #3:

published-date is a duplicate of the PUBLISHED property found-in hAtom.
This can be collapsed to a single property name or dtstart, from hCalendar.

Possible Solutions

   1. Use PUBLISHED instead
   2. Use DTSTART instead
   3. One of the two above, and make published an hCalendar event

I suggest that we use PUBLISHED and not make it an hCalendar event to
stay in line with how PUBLISHED is defined in hAtom. It should use the
date-time-design-pattern.If you are involved in hAudio (or want to be),
please give the list an "AGREE/+1" or disagree with a line of reasoning.

-- manu

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