[uf-new] Introducing Intuit's new microformat representative

Storset, Leif Leif_Storset at intuit.com
Fri Aug 31 11:41:58 PDT 2007

Hey, receipt people,


I have polled people here at Intuit for receipts and have got 15 more
that I am anonymizing at the moment and will send to Rob Manson for
upload soon. 


But we still need more! I have received advice that this few samples may
be statistically too insignificant to build on and discuss. Ask your
friends to send you their e-mail receipts! Just strip out names,
addresses, customer and order numbers before uploading. And don't freak
out when you get Victoria's Secret receipts, like I did. ;)


I've linked from the receipt-samples page to the top 500 list of online
retailers, which may serve as a guide when collecting and analyzing


I also must announce that I am leaving Intuit to pursue further
education. I will still participate in the microformat community, but
for follow-up within Intuit, please welcome Gang Wang
(Gang_Wang at intuit.com) as microformat advocate within the Technology
Innovation Group and Intuit in general. He has great interest in the
subject and broad experience and has previously worked with related


Leif Arne Storset

Technology Innovation Group, Intuit

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