[uf-new] Data Values & Measures

Guillaume Lebleu gl at brixlogic.com
Tue Dec 4 09:47:04 PST 2007

LucaP wrote:
> Thanks Guillaume, I have searched in Portals and Scientific Journals
> (Geophysics and Medicine) sites; I could only find horribly un-POSH
> examples; 3 of those are in the wiki page now (
> http://microformats.org/wiki/measure-examples ).
Thanks Luca, one minor issue: the URL you provided does not seem to 
point to the sample code you provided.
Also, can you confirm that the point of your example is to document the 
issue of microformatting measures represented in tabular form? I 
thought, probably incorrectly, that you were particularly concerned 
about margins of error in measure.
> One thing emerges, often data-values are displayed in HTML tables, the
> measure-microformat should support the include-pattern, this would
> allow to specify the unit-measure and the uncertainty only in the
> <th>-<td>s ....
I think this is a generic problem that I have seen surfacing in the 
context of various microformats.
I know there is a page dedicated to it: 
But I don't know if some best practices have emerged and have been 
Any pointer from someone who would know would be helpful here.


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