[uf-new] hAudio implemented on Bitmunk (with one snag)

Chris Casciano chris at placenamehere.com
Mon Jul 9 16:41:58 PDT 2007

On Jul 9, 2007, at 4:51 PM, Andy Mabbett wrote:

> In message  
> <e06e0e0b0707091325y65abde49g35c040c4c01a8fab at mail.gmail.com>, Mike  
> Kaply <microformats at kaply.com> writes
>> OK, let's try a different example:
>> <a class="fn url" href="http://www.yahoo.com">Michael <img
>> src="foo.jpg" alt="Aaron"> Kaply</a>
> Under what circumstances would "Aaron" be appropriate alt text?  
> What would the picture show?

how about some stylized first letter if styling a whole name doesn't  
float your boat

<a class="fn url" href="http://www.yahoo.com"><img
src="big_caps_a.jpg" alt="A" />ichael Aaron Kaply</a>

[i hope this doesn't start turning into a discussion of image  
replacement methods]

Another case I've run across has been one of listing of vendors or  
associates, some with logos some without...

<li><a class="fn url" href="#"><img src="companyA" alt="Company A" / 
<li><a class="fn url" href="#">Company B</li>

So the question becomes are the above two items functionally  
equivalent or are they not?

And if they are functionally different does that mean that my CMS or  
authoring tool or other templating logic need to be smart enough to  
move the classes around to different elements depending on the data  
provided for the entry?

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