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Rob Manson roBman at MobileOnlineBusiness.com.au
Tue Jul 17 15:54:02 PDT 2007

Hi Leif (and everyone else),

I absolutely support this move.  We offer the first PCI DSS compliant
Mobile Payment solution and we're currently working with a number of the
banks in Australia to roll out white-label versions of our service for
them.  So this makes perfect sense from our point of view.

We currently support exporting of receipt data but would ideally like to
present it on-screen in some machine digestible microformat.

I think it would also be useful to develop a broader model of the key
artefacts involved in online commerce in general - where possible
mapping them to existing microformats and then hopefully plugging the
remaining holes with new proposals such as hReceipt if relevant.

So far it seems to me that the following commerce format hierarchy
exists or is evolving:

hReview -> [hListing/hProduct/[service]]
e.g. reviews point to listings or products and services

-> hListing
  -> hCard (owner of listing)
  -> hProduct (a physical offer)
    -> hCurrency
  -> [service]? (a non-physical offer)
  -> rel-payment
e.g. listings refer to owners and products or services offered for
amounts with links to payment options

-> hReceipt
  -> hCard (buyer)
  -> hCal (purchase event)
  -> hCurrency
  -> [purchase] (an accepted offer of product or service)
  -> [delivery] (product or service - making it broader than Joe's
    -> hCard (delivery address)
      -> hCal (delivery event)
e.g. receipts refer to buyers, purchase events, amounts (price and tax),
purchase lists (specific products or services bought) along with
delivery information (address and events)

NOTE: One thing that seemed to be missing from Joe's proposal was tax

If this doesn't create too many arguments I'd like to create a wiki page
where we can work to model the commerce related relationships between
the existing formats (unless someone can point me to an existing
resource that does this).

Firstly I think this relationship model would help with general planning
and communication for those interested in commerce.

Secondly it could help identify where the obvious holes that may need to
be filled are likely to be (e.g. potentially receipt, service, purchase
and delivery).

And hopefully in parallel (if there's general agreement) we could work
on gathering hReceipt examples and brainstorming. 


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