[uf-new] Microformat for expressing uncertainty?

Manu Sporny msporny at digitalbazaar.com
Tue Jul 31 10:26:23 PDT 2007

Charlie wrote:
> So in other words, we're talking about uncertainty in more than one
> dimension, as expressed by a covariance matrix.

Hi Charlie - to work on this, you would have to demonstrate a number of
places on the web that already publish information like this. How many
websites out there publish numbers with associated covariance matrices?

Microformats don't try and invent new ways of publishing information. If
you can't find at least 10-20 examples of this happening on the web, you
are going to have a very hard time asking the community to spend time to
create the Microformat that you're proposing.

Do you have some example websites that publish information such as what
you describe?

-- manu

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