[uf-new] hAudio - audio-album and audio-podcast

Manu Sporny msporny at digitalbazaar.com
Tue Jun 5 07:49:04 PDT 2007

Martin McEvoy wrote:
> hmm problem here, what if our album has multiple content types not all
> albums are just playable music yes? 

I think what both Scott and Joe are referring to are "audio albums". We
aren't talking about "video albums" or "multimedia albums". We should
concentrate on solving the audio album problem.

> I don't think we would want to nest
> hVideo and hImage inside hAudio would we?

No, but we may want to nest hAudio, hVideo and hImage inside a hMedia

>> I was also confused by that.  I spent a while trying to figure out  
>> what exactly class="haudio" would mean in this schema, and it looks  
>> like haudio has an incredibly generic meaning along the lines of  
>> "information about some type of audio" where both albums and tracks  
>> are potential types of audio.  
> Err No not exactly haudio doesn't have to be playable audio it is also
> be just information about an album

That is correct - let's not confuse hAudio with the file-format
exploratory discussion. The purpose of haudio is to describe information
related to audio recordings.

> example
> halbum
>    haudio [album title,contributor,image-summary, duration, payment]
> maybe you do have a point though in the context of just an album
> description hAudio becomes a little redundant as this is indeed nothing
> that is Audio just a description of audio maybe this is better:
> halbum
>    summary [album title,contributor,image-summary, duration, payment]
> this would fit into our schemata much more cleanly, Manu did use
> <summary> in his original problem solution statement

The reason 'summary' was included in halbum is because the
audio-info-examples demonstrate that we need a way to specify album
name, artist, publish date, cover image, sample links and a variety of
other things related to both albums and tracks. It makes sense to just
use haudio to describe those things because the haudio proposal already
contains all that information.

-- manu

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