[uf-new] hListing operator script

Taylor Cowan taylor_cowan at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 6 08:50:55 PDT 2007



This is an Operator .8 script to parse hListings.  It's an adaptation on hReview that Mike Kapley kindly migrated for operator .8.  There's not much available today formated as hListing, however, it'll parse out listings at http://www.dealtagger.com/.

Along with this liveclipboard.js user script you can copy the listing to the clipboard and past it out (into notepad for example).  The use case I envision would be a wish list tool that lets the user collect hListings from various sites.  Kaboodle is very similar, however, it only knows of ambiguous web snippets.  hListings make it much easier to handle the items, perhaps even making them "alive" with auto price/status updates that come from pingerati.

I'm currently  working with liveclipboard's example to create a prototype product wish-listing tool, however, I'd be more than pleased if somebody beats me to the punch.



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