[uf-new] div class for "service links"?

D Chudnov daniel.chudnov at gmail.com
Tue Jun 12 21:35:25 PDT 2007

Has anybody thought, talked about, or worked on naming those boxes of
"service links" every site seems to have now?  You know, the ones
within which you can "save to delicious" and "digg this" and "save to
facebook" or "look this up in technorati".  There are plugins that add
these sets of links for all the major blog engines, and all the major
media outlets seem to support some random subset of the world of
possible service links, but never just the ones I want.

I want to be able to dynamically mix in the exact services I subscribe
to whenever I see one of these, and I want institutions like libraries
to be able to mix in the kinds of stuff they're doing with OpenURL
right there, too, but it shouldn't take a lot of work.  If, for every
time anybody publishes one of those "boxes of service links", we could
at least identify that "this is where the service links go", we could
make quite a bit of progress toward this goal.

It could be as easy as "<div class='service-links'>blah blah
blah</div>".   Or class="serviceable".  Or something more uf-ish like

Let me know if this sounds interesting, or if I've missed some work on
something like this.

Thanks, -Dan

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