[uf-new] hAudio final draft

Manu Sporny msporny at digitalbazaar.com
Sun Jun 17 11:21:30 PDT 2007

David Janes wrote:
>> The two "fn" fields would clobber each other.
>> This is a pretty harsh limit on uF, one that I personally think
>> should/could go away by allowing uF containing other uF to know that
>> the contained uF should be excluded from parsing by the parent.
> I'm missing something that you're seeing in Ryan's message -- what fn
> belongs to depends on the context of the "fn".
> The "fn" within the contributor is bound in meaning to "contributor".
> The other fn binds to "haudio".

David, I was under the same false assumption. Microformats are
scope-less. There is no such thing as scope and binding... the only
thing that matters is the order that the Microformat elements are listed
on the page.

Here's some markup to demonstrate:

* hreview
** reviewer
*** vcard
**** fn  <---- the reviewer's name is used as the title for haudio
* fn <---- this is ignored by any Microformat-compliant parser

The parser would perform the following steps:

1. haudio detected
2. find elements for haudio
3. find name of audio recording (search for 'fn')
4. 'fn' found in haudio/hreview/reviewer/vcard/fn *OOPS!*
5. hreview detected
6. find elements for hreview
6. reviewer detected
7. find name of reviewer in vcard (search for 'fn')
8. reviewer's name found in vcard/fn
9. superfluous 'fn' detected, ignore 'fn'. *OOPS!*

-- manu

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