[uf-new] First draft of hAudio proposal

Andy Mabbett andy at pigsonthewing.org.uk
Wed May 2 12:02:49 PDT 2007

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>> >> hAudio (haudio)
>> >> - title. required. text.
>> >  title is already taken to mean something else, so TITLE is not an
>> > option. hCard uses TITLE for job-title. I would suggest FN instead.

>> We could use FN,
>> but 'work-title' is far more accurate.

>If you mean what most people do by "title", then FN is the correct
>thing to use.

How does that square with the principle of making things easier for
publishers? "title" (or "movie-title" or "job-title", or whatever) is
surely easier for publisher to remember, and more obvious when updating
code,  than the awful "FN"!

How is "FN" supported, in preference to "title " or "*-title" by the
evidence gathered?

>> > genre. optional. text.
>> >
>> >> genre sounds alot like TAGS or CATEGORIES to me? we should recycle
>> >> terms in existing microformats
>> What Andy Mabbett said... not all authors want to mark up genres as
>> URLs. There are enough examples that don't mark up the genre to not
>> require the use of a URL-based TAGS/CATEGORIES approach.
>While (very) sympathetic to Andy's point about this, we're getting to
>the danger point of semantically forking rel-tag.

Tagging serves a particular purpose. Not every label on the web is
published as a tag

Where is the evidence supporting your position? In how many of the sites
cited as evidence, is the genre currently presented as a link to a tag
name-space, or some other page of that ilk?

The liking some microformat activists tagging does not mandate the sue
of tags for all labels; and should not be allowed to become a
requirement for publishers to change their current behaviour in that

>I suspect you will
>get strong pushback on this one, because the current approach is to
>use rel-tag for this, and if that needs to be fixed, it needs to be
>fixed and the problem should be addressed there.

It quite probably does, though that horse has, perhaps, already bolted.

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