[uf-new] First draft of hAudio proposal

Martin McEvoy martin at weborganics.co.uk
Fri May 4 05:24:13 PDT 2007

I had a thought about collections I would like to share with you,
If we look at collections in the most basic way we can this may give us
an Idea of what is meant by "collection"?
So... I look at my pile of books and think that these books need
organizing in some way they are no good scattered around my house so
I think maybe I can store these books in some kind of order.
I buy a plain wooden shelf and put it up on my wall, still not a
collection though eh.. its just a shelf.. 
but its somewhere to organize my  pile of books. what makes the
combination of a shelf and a pile of books a collection? 
is down to me and how I organize them i.e. author abc and volumes 123,
title abc, topic etc... this is my collection of books. when my friend
visits my house he notices my books on a shelf and says "nice

We may realize now that the problem of collections may have already been
solved if you look at it the way you should

<ol class="haudio">
	<li class="work-title"><a  class="acquire"
href="http://link.to/download-1">download page 1</a></li>
		<li class="work-title"><a  class="acquire"
href="http://link.to/download-2">download page 2</a></li>
			<li class="work-title"><a  class="acquire"
href="http://link.to/download-3">download page 3</a></li>

<ol>  is my shelf
<li>   Are my books on a shelf.

another one

<div class="haudio">
	<p class="work-title"><a  class="acquire"
href="http://link.to/download-1">download page 1</a></p>
		<p class="work-title"><a  class="acquire"
href="http://link.to/download-2">download page 2</a></p>
			<p class="work-title"><a  class="acquire"
href="http://link.to/download-3">download page 3</a></p>

<div>  is my shelf
<p>   Are my books on a shelf.

I hope you understand what I am driving at?
I think Scott may have a point the use of acquire may be wrong. Imagine
you have to store this information in a database, you have to think
about pluralization if I want to store page contents I create a table
called "pages" if I want to store user information I create a table
called "users"
if you pluralize acquire you get acquires similar not the same meaning
and still a singular yes!
so you could use, acquirable which pluralizes as acquirables but this is
ugly too so perhaps another word can be used?	

	this is a good place to test this out

Kind Regards
Martin McEvoy
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