[uf-new] First attempt at hAudio proposal

Manu Sporny msporny at digitalbazaar.com
Mon May 7 07:14:00 PDT 2007

Ben Wiley Sittler wrote:
> actually i think that should be one of:
> <abbr class="duration"
> title="P210S" (210 seconds, 8601) or


Your suggestion to use the ISO-8601 duration format has received
favorable feedback. We should provide a very simple markup at first,
providing only the bare essentials and building out to the full ISO-8601
time duration standard if necessary.

Martin raised the point that this would solve the podcasting issues when
attempting to specify where various clips start and end in a podcast or

The page has been updated. "Length" has been changed to "Duration". A
note specifying that we should use ISO-8601, specifically the "seconds"
markup format, has been added.

Thus a duration marked up for an audio recording would look like this:

<abbr class="duration" title="P203S">Three minutes, twenty-three

This is a good candidate for specifying time durations across
Microformats and could be added to the datetime-design-pattern.

-- manu

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