[uf-new] hAudio 'acquire' re-naming (Microformats should use nouns for properties)

Chris Griego cgriego at gmail.com
Tue May 8 08:22:45 PDT 2007

rel-enclosure was ruled out because it's not always a download, but
sometimes a way to purchase, right? What if hAudio suggested the use
of rel-enclosure for downloads and rel-payment for ways to purchase?

Chris Griego

On 5/8/07, Manu Sporny <msporny at digitalbazaar.com> wrote:
> Martin McEvoy wrote:
> >> -----------------------------------------------------------------
> >> acquire
> >>
> >> Changed to be a class instead of a rel-attribute. There is still some
> >> concern over the name 'acquire'. Primarily in that it doesn't pluralize
> >> cleanly (it is a verb - it should probably be a noun?).
> >
> > could we use an adjective? "obtainable"
> >
> > <span class="obtainable"...>
> >
> > Is it the same thing?
> Does that mean we could add 'able' to the end of verbs to solve this
> whole noun-verb issue for Microformat property names?
> acquirable?
> Ultimately, the contents of the 'acquire' element is a link to a
> process. It may be a direct link to a download, but most of the
> audio-info-examples contain a link to a checkout process of some kind.
> It is difficult to get away from verbs since a 'process' is conducive to
> being identified by a verb.
> Looking through all of the drafts on the Microformats site - all
> property names are nouns. Whether this happened by accident or was
> deliberate, there is a pattern emerging in the Microformats and that is:
> "We should use nouns for describing Microformat properties. Verbs
> describe actions, and actions don't describe data. Microformats are
> about describing data, not specifying actions on the data."
> Rather than try and identify the process, let's focus on the end result
> of the process (a file sitting on your hard drive that you acquired from
> the Internet). Here are the rename suggestions so far for hAudio 'acquire':
> obtainable
> downloadable
> acquireable
> acquisition
> representation
> rendition
> full-version
> file
> source
> resource
> asset
> receivable
> interpretation
> embodiment
> There have been two votes for source (Frances, Paul), one for obtainable
> (Martin), and one for representation (Manu).
> I'm pulling my support for 'acquire' (acquisition, acquirable) and
> placing it behind 'representation'. Representation is the root term for
> most of the download cases that we care about (audio, video, images)
> [1]. It can be re-used for audio, video and images Microformats. The
> examples support the word choice - "after following the process that is
> linked to, you will have a proper /representation/ of the work described
> by the hAudio/hVideo/hImage Microformat."
> Please show your support for this term, or if you do not support it
> please note why and suggest an alternative word and argument.
> -- manu
> [1]
> http://wordnet.princeton.edu/perl/webwn?o2=&o0=1&o7=&o5=&o1=1&o6=&o4=&o3=&s=representation&i=2&h=0100000000000#c

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