[uf-new] XFN - Professionals Network microformat

Guy Fraser gfraser at adaptavist.com
Thu May 10 17:33:27 PDT 2007

Charles Iliya Krempeaux wrote:
> He's probably confusing Microformats with Semantic HTML.
> (I.e., thinking he needs our blessing to make Semantic HTML.
> Obviously he doesn't.)

Uhm, nope, the difference between the two is clear for all to see (or at 
least I would think so).

Take these things for example: pages, blog posts, comments, attachments

There are components of all of them that are similar such as author, 
created date, version, who updated them, participants, etc.

Currently each one would get it's own compound uF and this would likely 
lead to divergence. Why not create a uF that's somewhere between an 
elemental and a compound - a "component" uf? - ie. it would be a bit 
more detailed and with slightly wider and more generic scope than your 
average elemental, but would get used in several compound uFs. By doing 
this you would simplify implementation (as several compound uFs would be 
able to share the common attributes from the component uF) = easier for 
people to learn and re-use in different contexts. You would also have 
simpler tools (eg. mapping tools, navigation aides, etc) as they'd be 
able to take advantage of the common elements.

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