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>The role I envisage for a museum object microformat would be: - to
>identify a unique object on the web, tied (ideally) to an institution -
>to enable the capture of a very basic set of metadata about that object
>- optionally, to point at a source of fuller, structured metadata,
>thereby making a bridge between the light, author-friendly and flexible
>microformatted semantic web and the stricter, machine-facing Semantic
>And the use-case? Catalogue pages like this:

Thank you. I don't wish to dissuade you from continuing, but I'm really
having difficulty seeing how this would be used.

A simple example use-case would be, for hCard:

        "a user can add contact details to their address book, or look
        up places with coordinates or postal codes on an on-line map".

For the "Currency" proposal:

        "a user agent can convert an amount of money, encoded in one
        currency, into an alternative currency, by looking up the
        exchange rate open a nominated website".

In the case of an art object, surely there will only be one primary
source of information, and that can simply be linked to?

Can you provide examples of webmasters or software, currently delivering
the kind of services which you envisage that a microformat would

BTW, this conversation probably ought to be taking place on the "new
microformats" mailing list; I've cross-posted and set follow-ups, so
please reply there. Thank you.

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