[uf-new] hAudio v0.7 released

Julian Stahnke julian at julianstahnke.com
Thu Oct 4 15:58:10 PDT 2007

I’d like to point out that the currently proposed spec (http:// 
microformats.org/wiki/audio-info-proposal#Complete_Album_Examplet) of  
nesting an haudio element in a track element to mark up albums is  
incompatible with using tables for the track listings. In a table,  
you only have one element per track that wraps all the information  
(the table row). So both track and haudio would need to be the same  

I don’t know if the current proposed mark-up is the way it is  
(nesting an haudio element inside another element ‘track’) to clarify  
the relationship of the elements, or if this is actually the proposed  
solution in a strict sense. If the latter is the case, a lot of the  
sites provided as example mark-up would actually be incompatible with  
the proposed solution as they all use tables and would therefore be  
unable to nest the elements as specified. This would be unacceptable  
because I think a lot of people (as you can see, again, on the sites  
provided as examples) would agree that using a table is a valid way  
of marking up a track listing.

(Of course, one could just put another whole table with the class  
‘haudio’ *inside* the table row with the class ‘track’, but why  
anyone would want to do this is beyond me.

On 28 Sep 2007, at 3:56pm, Manu Sporny wrote:

> An updated version of the hAudio Draft (v0.7) has been placed on the
> wiki. It contains some changes that are contested. The draft was  
> updated
> to give people a complete picture of what is currently being proposed
> for hAudio. Here are the major changes:
> * Added 'album'
>   (concept approved, name is disputed)
> * Added 'track'
>   (concept approved, name is disputed)
> * Changed 'audio-title' to 'recording' to bring it in line with the
>   audio type naming convention that is being proposed.
>   (concept approved, name is disputed)
> * Changed 'published-date' to 'published'
>   (concept approved, name approved)
> * Changed 'image-summary' to 'photo'
>   (concept approved, name approved)
> * Added 'podcast'
>   (concept disputed, name disputed)
> * Added 'position'
>   (concept needs analysis, name disputed)
> * Added 'description'
>   (concept needs analysis, name disputed)
> The schema changes are here:
> http://microformats.org/wiki/audio-info-proposal#Schema
> The disputed properties are here:
> http://microformats.org/wiki/audio-info-proposal#Disputed_Additions
> All of the examples have been updated (examples have not been provided
> for disputed properties):
> http://microformats.org/wiki/audio-info-proposal#Examples
> Feedback would be appreciated...
> -- manu
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