[uf-new] hAudio/table incompatibility

Julian Stahnke julian at julianstahnke.com
Fri Oct 5 01:44:26 PDT 2007

> TRACK can be either plain text or marked up using HAUDIO.
> This approach would make the following markup valid:
> <div class="haudio">
> ...
>   <span class="album">Album Title</span>
> ...
>   <span class="track">Song Name</span>
> ...
> </div>

I love this!

> It shouldn't work differently from hCalendar, and I agree again. We
> should bring hAudio more in line with hCalendar. Do the following two
> examples work for everybody?
> This would be valid:
>    <span class="contributor vcard">
>          <span class="fn org">Phish</span>
>    </span>
> and so would this:
>    <span class="contributor">Phish</span>

Again, I think this would be great. Big music sites like Last.fm  
would have no problem to implement all those nested vcard etc. in  
most cases, even though they may sometimes be a bit heavyweight.  
‘Regular’ people like bloggers who just want to write about music and  
mark it up accordingly would have a hard time understanding all that  
though, I think. (At least that’s my impression talking to people.)  
So this simpler proposal makes perfect sense to me.

One element per property and you just wrap the whole thing in an  
haudio element. That’s easy to explain and still covers the very  
basic information one would want to have. And if you want to have  
more details, you still can. I think that would be cool.

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