[uf-new] hAudio/table incompatibility

Julian Stahnke julian at julianstahnke.com
Sat Oct 6 12:42:02 PDT 2007

On 6 Oct 2007, at 8:02pm, Scott Reynen wrote:

> On Oct 6, 2007, at 12:24 PM, Julian Stahnke wrote:
>> What does ‘track’ mean in the context of the hVideo format, though?
> I think we're getting distracted here.  That's a good question for  
> the hVideo discussion, but it's really irrelevant to the hAudio  
> discussion.  Audio tracks need to be clearly identified as audio  
> tracks regardless of what happens with hVideo, so let's focus on  
> how to do that and leave hVideo for a separate discussion.

Okay. If that’s the case, then I don’t see why ‘track’ could not be  
just plain text?

Secondly, somewhat related, what happens if you stumble upon  
something like the following:

<div class="haudio">
     <h3 class="album">my album title</h3>
     by <strong class="contributor">the artist</strong>
         <li class="track">my track title</li>
         <li class="track">my track title</li>
         <li class="track">my track title</li>

Even though the tracks aren’t marked up as hAudio element and hence  
have no ‘position’ attribute, should ‘position’ be implied by the  
position of the track in the <ol>? (This must, obviously, never  
happen for an <ul>.) I think that would make sense and enable some  
nice, light-weight mark-up that everyone with even the most basic  
understanding of HTML could comprehend or write (and that is quite  
parseable as well).

(Also, I don’t know if the proposal to allow ‘contributor’ to be  
plain-text was welcomed or not. Just imagine an hcard in there in  
case it wasn’t ;))

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