[uf-new] hAudio ITEM/TRACK debate resolution

David Janes davidjanes at blogmatrix.com
Sat Oct 20 14:11:52 PDT 2007

Just so this is clear, I wasn't trying to take a position on the
"fn"-optimization nor on the merits of "sectioning off" vs.
"first-come/first-serve"; sorry that this was misinterpreted this way.

The issue was the way "item" is being described as you are using isn't
or wasn't seen to be 100% compatible with the existing definitions;
you'll have to read the thread from about a week ago for the
particulars. A way around this issue was the pairing of hItem with
another semantic-class to form a composite.

Regards, etc...

On 10/20/07, Brian Suda <brian.suda at gmail.com> wrote:
> On 10/20/07, David Janes <davidjanes at blogmatrix.com> wrote:
> > The idea -- based on previous discussions, feedback, etc. -- was that
> > for hItem to be compatible with "hreview" (and others [1]) it would
> > defined as follows:
> > - if not paired with an appropriate semantic class, the hItem refers
> > to the "top level" uF -- this is how hReview and hListing use it
> --- right, so in the examples, since there was only one "top-level" uF
> the class="item haudio" would not need the extra "haudio" because we
> know which we are talking about
> > - if paired with an appropriate semantic class -- e.g. "haudio" or
> > "track" -- then the hItem refers to that particular sub-element of the
> > uF
> --- i don't perticularly like "sectioning off" of microformated data.
> Firstly, we are venturing into theoretical territory with "what if an
> haudio was in an hreview", but this is a solvable problem with the
> tools and rules we already have.
> <div class="hreview">
> <span class="haudio">
>     <span class="fn album">Best Before 1984</span>
>     <span class="contributor">Crass</span>
>     <span class="item">
>         <span class="fn">Hokkaido Dream</span>
>     </span>
>    <span class="item">
>         <span class="fn">Tokyo Groove</span>
>     </span>
> </span>
> </div>
> In this case the FN of the hReview would be THE FIRST fn it finds in
> an item object, so it would be Hokkaido Dream. To fix this, simply add
> am "item" property into the <span class="haudio">.
> <div class="hreview">
> <span class="haudio">
>     <span class="fn">Best Before 1984</span>
>     ...
> Then the first FN that is found inside an ITEM inside an HREVIEW is
> now "Best Before 1984" the other items are ignored in the context of
> hreview but NOT for haudio. It solves both problems without extra
> mark-up.
> As for hItem, if it went by the same "first only" rules, then it would
> find 3 items, with 3 corresponding FNs without the need for any
> sectioning off of data.
> I think that solves the issues nicely. The "type casing" of what an
> item is optional. We do it with hResume, and somewhat with hCard's
> ADR. The ADR should be an hCard, just like the class="contributor"
> SHOULD be an hCard, but isn't a MUST. We should examine this more on a
> case-by-case basis if issues arrise rather than protect against
> something that might not even exist.
> -brian
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