[uf-new] Album Vs audio-title (was hAudio ITEM debate proposal #3)

Martin McEvoy martin at weborganics.co.uk
Tue Oct 30 14:45:39 PST 2007

On Tue, 2007-10-30 at 17:04 -0400, Manu Sporny wrote:
> Martin McEvoy wrote:
> > * audio-title represents the main title of haudio every haudio must have
> > an audio-title
> > 
> > * fn represents the title of an item within haudio
> > 
> > I dont see why haudio should be more complicated than (using Scott's
> > example)
> > 
> > <p class="haudio"> 
> >         I like the song <span class="item fn">Everything in Its Right
> > Place</span>  
> > on <span class="audio-title">Kid A</span>.
> > </p> 
> How do we know the example that you have given is an audio album? What
> are the parsing rules that denote "Kid A" is an audio album, and not an
> an audio song?

<span class="item fn">Everything in Its Right

Is a song

<span class="audio-title">Kid A</span> is the hAudio title

You can tell by context, and content what type of haudio it is

> How do we specify a singular audio recording using your proposal? An
> album with two or more tracks? An Opera? A podcast that contains
> multiple sections? The reason I ask this is because we can do everything
> mentioned previously with the new hAudio proposal, so you're going to
> have to demonstrate how we can do all of these things using your approach.

a single track

<p class="haudio"> 
        I like the song <span class="audio-title">Everything in Its
Right Place</span>.

Scott Has informed me that item and fn cant share the same class so

more Tracks

<p class="haudio"> 
I like the songs <span class="item"><span class="fn">Everything in Its
Right Place</span></span> and <span class="item"><span class="fn">The
National Anthem </span></span> 
from the <span class="audio-title">Kid A</span> album

A podcast,

<div class="haudio">
  <h1 class="audio title">My Latest Episode</h1>
<p>In four Parts</p>
<li class="item"><span class="fn">Part 1</span>, duration <span
<li class="item"><span class="fn">Part 2</span>, duration <span
<li class="item"><span class="fn">Part 3</span>, duration <span
<li class="item"><span class="fn">Part 4</span>, duration <span


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