[uf-new] The Process (was: hAudio case study)

Mary Hodder mary at dabble.com
Wed Sep 12 09:52:02 PDT 2007

I'd second that.

Even if users are just plopping blobs of data that is recognizable to  
humans when presented in a blog, but unstructured, we can still make  
of those blobs and structure them.

Seeing what people want to do makes more sense that imposing from on  
high.  That is typical of standard's bodies and in practice not often  

For an example of this, where some standards from on high, are  
compared to some standards that emerged, in video metadata, see this:



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On Sep 12, 2007, at 8:53 AM, Scott Reynen wrote:

> On Sep 12, 2007, at 9:24 AM, Michael Smethurst wrote:
>> Would it not be better for ufs to standardise markup based on the  
>> domain
>> model than waste time wading through flakey html? [Perhaps]
> I don't believe looking at current publishing practices is a waste  
> of time at all.  Much the opposite, I think it's the most important  
> part of the process.  Domain models that don't account for what is  
> published on the real web tend to be less useful on the real web.
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