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Frances Berriman fberriman at gmail.com
Thu Sep 27 02:07:14 PDT 2007

On 26/09/2007, Ben Ward <lists at ben-ward.co.uk> wrote:

> I've a passing interest actually, would be happy to contribute to try
> and keep ideas rolling. Not sure how much concrete work I can produce
> since I'm not really going to be publishing anything, but BBC Food
> sounds like a pretty awesome base for you on that side of things.


An interest is all I'm looking for. :)

> Regarding the Brainstorm:

Ok, I read it all (I promise) but I'm cutting for cleaness.

All good points.  I'm thinking I have a couple of examples that might
make defining what a food recipe is a little more complicated, but
we'll see.  I think what we ought to do is finish the research stage
of the process and get as much information as possible.  See what
we're getting fits in with the formats we have, then see what we've
got left.

I definitely agree that this is a format that doesn't really need a
whole heap of required data.  In fact, keeping it as a lot of optional
items will hopefully make it a lot more flexible and maybe usable for
people who'd like to use it for non-food based recipes in the long

Frances Berriman

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