[uf-new] Firefox/Operator hAudio RDFa demo

Manu Sporny msporny at digitalbazaar.com
Thu Sep 27 06:28:14 PDT 2007

This is something that is going on in the RDFa mailing list... but
thought that people here might be interested. As some of you know, we're
working with the W3C to get hAudio accepted over there as well. One
experiment that we're running is an attempt to map the hAudio
Microformat to RDFa.

We've put together a demo for RDFa using the latest RDFa Syntax
document, Firefox, Operator and hAudio. Many thanks to David Lehn, who
works with us and who did the necessary work on Operator to make this
demo a reality.

This demonstrates:
 - A full round-trip implementation of the latest RDF in XHTML Syntax.
 - Why marking up something like music metadata can lead to a number of
   simple but neat improvements on the browsing experience (unified UIs
   for certain types of data, one-click searching, in addition to the
   semantics being clearly defined).
 - That RDFa is useful and trivial to implement on a website (it took me
   3 hours to refine the hAudio RDFa vocabulary and mark up the

Here's the URL to the demo, Firefox plug-in, and instructions on how to
install and where to find some neat RDFa music metadata.


The demo also includes hAudio and hAlbum markup living side-by-side with
the RDFa (the Bitmunk pages, referred to in the demo, are also marked up
with the hAudio/hAlbum Microformat). You can enable hAudio and hAlbum by
going to Operator->Options->Data Formats->New and adding "hAudio" and

Any feedback/discussion/suggestions on improvements would be appreciated.

-- manu

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