[uf-new] Currency brainstorming

Taylor Cowan taylor_cowan at yahoo.com
Sat Sep 29 08:12:54 PDT 2007

Pretending to forget all that we've know up till now about microformats, what if we just wanted a way for web page designers to make their currency amounts unambiguous with respect to currency denomination and amount?

"one hundred bucks"
<abbr class="currency" title="USD100">one hundred bucks</abbr>

$100 (CAD)
<abbr class="currency" title="CAD100">$100</abbr>

10 cents
<abbr class="currency" title="USD0.10">ten cents</abbr>

         compare:  <span class="hmoney">10 <abbr class="unit" title="cent"><abbr 
class="currency" title="USD">cents</abbr></abbr></span>

man Yen
<abbr class="currency" title="JPY10,000">man Yen</abbr>

So within the title, we've got ISO###.##

Then later on we wanted to apply one of those amounts to the "price" of an hlisting:

<abbr class="currency price" title="USD100">one hundred bucks</abbr>

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