[uf-new] Measurement brainstorming

Guillaume Lebleu gl at brixlogic.com
Sat Sep 29 09:35:10 PDT 2007

Patrick Aljord wrote:
> On 9/28/07, Guillaume Lebleu <gl at brixlogic.com> wrote:
>>     * defining elementary/atomic units. ex. "kg is the SI unit of mass".
> I know this is just an example but kg shouldn't be the SI unit, g
> should be because it already is SI unit in science and in recipes
> quantity are generally lower than 1kg, more like 300g or 500g,
> quantities bigger than 1kg are rarely used.
Just like you suggested, I was going to write my post with gram as a SI 
unit, then I checked several sources [1] [2] and realized that despite 
common sense - "grams" occurs 12.9M times on the Web versus "kilograms" 
occurs only 2.6M times - *kg is actually the SI unit for mass*, g is not.

[1] http://physics.nist.gov/cuu/Units/units.html
[2] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SI#Units


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