[uf-new] hAudio Issue Duration

Martin McEvoy martin at weborganics.co.uk
Mon Aug 4 13:18:24 PDT 2008

Toby A Inkster wrote:
>> <span class="duration">1 hour 3 minutes 23 seconds</span>
>> or this
>> <span class="duration">1 heures 3 minutes 23 secondes</span>
> [...]
>> Numerical value and thus text  (words) are striped as they are nothing
>> to do with the value, they are only there for a human to understand
>> would leave us with...
>> <span class="duration">1  3 23</span>
> It becomes a bit more murky with:
> <span lang="und" class="durarion">1 quux 2 xyzzy</span>
> This gets reduced to "1 2". But is this PT1H2M or PT1M2S? It could 
> even be PT1H2S or a very long recording which is P1DT2H! NLP is not a 
> nice solution for this kind of thing.

Thanks Toby for bringing this up you are of course correct,  So are you 
Brian its much harder than I thought ;-)
> And for reasons I've outlined before, a solution which *looks* like 
> NLP will be mistaken for NLP by publishers and you'll end up with an 
> NLP arms race between publishers and parsers.
> For people concerned with the accessibility of ISO durations, I'd 
> suggest allowing duration to take *either* and ISO duration *or* a 
> length in seconds, optionally followed by whitespace then "s", the SI 
> abbreviation for seconds. e.g. the following would both be valid:
> <p class="haudio">This song is <abbr title="PT3M23S" 
> class="duration">3 minutes, 23 seconds</abbr> long.</p>
> <p class="haudio">This song is <abbr title="203 s" class="duration">3 
> minutes, 23 seconds</abbr> long.</p>
> The limitation of course would be that this alternative syntax only 
> allows times to be expressed in seconds, but I think that for many of 
> the use cases of hAudio (i.e. songs) it would represent an improvement 
> in accessibility.

A possible resolution is Duration can only be expressed in Minutes and 
Seconds  or just Minutes eg:

<span class="duration">3 minutes, 23 seconds</span>

<span class="duration">0 minutes, 23 seconds</span>


<span class="duration">120 minutes, 23 seconds</span>

or even

<span class="duration">3 minutes</span>

What do you think?


Martin McEvoy

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