[uf-new] hAudio Issue Duration

Martin McEvoy martin at weborganics.co.uk
Tue Aug 5 06:21:42 PDT 2008

Hello Guillaume....

Guillaume P. Lebleu wrote:
> I suggest the following alternative to the current abbr/ISO option 
> (I'm saying alternative, because it would only be an additional option 
> to those who don't want to use the abbr/ISO option, which would still 
> be supported):
> <span class="duration"><span class="minutes">3</span>:<span 
> class="seconds">42</span></span>
Yes I think somewhere in the past this was discussed, although it makes 
sense to do as you say but... Microformats tend to be nouns not plurals 
as your example above,  consider this

<span class="duration"><span class="minutes">1</span>:<span 

doesnt make sense, so in order to accept that we can mark up both 1 
Minute 42 Minutes we would have to accept two microformats for one 
property. your Thought is Good however,  how about...

<span class="duration">
        <span class="h">1</span>:
        <span class="m">3</span>:
        <span class="s">42</span>

Looks a bit strange But it is expressing duration in ISO 8601 format . 


Martin McEvoy

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