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On [Aug 8], at [ Aug 8] 3:55 , Samuel Richter wrote:

> There could be a "What's New" section which would pop up in the  
> application when a new version is found.  I anticipate that this use  
> case would follow existing processes with software update  
> procedures, where the updater/installer periodically checks for the  
> web page for updates, *or* subscribes to an RSS feed which contains  
> the relevant information.
> Scenario: A higher version is found
> With the presentation of this information, a decision will be made:  
> to install, or not.  But, this would be configurable.  For instance,  
> the user may choose not to install alpha or beta software.  Or, the  
> user may want to review a list of changes for the new version,  
> consider package size, dependencies, available space, etc.

Thanks for this more detailed use case.  Your mention of RSS made me  
realize hAtom has already solved much of this problem:


entry-title is version number, rel-bookmark is the download link, and  
entry-content is the change details. So I'd suggest starting with that  
and identifying gaps as they become evident.

Scott Reynen

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Brilliant.  That could form the basis for an update mechanism for software subscriptions.  What's the next step?


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