[uf-new] Proposal: change haudio title to htitle.

Chuck Allen chucka at hr-xml.org
Wed Aug 13 09:47:26 PDT 2008

Hi all,

I remember this thread. So, I'll offer my once every 6-months chime-in. By all means, just use htitle or title (assuming parsers can disambiguate), 
but adopting a wee bit of formality might help you nail this once and for all and help the community handle this the next time it crops up.

We call something like "title" (or "htitle") a generic data element, which is defined as a "property" term (e.g., title), plus representation type 
(e.g., text) that can be used in combination with a variety of classes (e.g., recipe, book, position, etc.).

htitle. text

In your markup, just use htitle in context, but in your data dictionary you have entries like:

* recipe. title
* book. title
* product. title
* position. title
* job. title

Why? Because they **don't mean the same thing** So really this is one of those violent agreement things. +1 I'm just suggesting the wee bit of 
formality around the use of these "generic data elements" so the community can learn to recognize them and have conventions for dealing with them 
instead of rehashing every six months.


Chuck Allen

Martin McEvoy wrote:
> Hello Manu, hope you had a nice break  :-)
> Manu Sporny wrote:
>> Martin McEvoy wrote:
>>> The most desirable thing about a htitle microformat is that we dont have
>>> to invent new names that mean the same thing such as recipe-title,
>>> book-title, product-title etc... they can all use just one.
>> +1 for what it's worth.
> Thank you for your support...
>> and if the above doesn't pan out,
>> +1 for audio-title if this doesn't pan out (mostly because this is the
>>    only thing that is holding up hAudio and we've been discussing it for
>>    over a year now).
> Agreed, I dont think it is just this issue, it was the banning of Andy 
> Mabbet too that stalled the development of haudio.
>> -- manu
> Best Wishes
> Martin McEvoy
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