[uf-new] hAudio Issue D1: 2008-01-10 Contributor. Resolution

Manu Sporny msporny at digitalbazaar.com
Mon Aug 18 11:53:05 PDT 2008

I am forwarding a message that Andy Mabbett sent to a couple of us
involved with hAudio development because it is a valid opposition to the
proposed resolution to hAudio issue D1.


In message <48A98DB7.9030505 at weborganics.co.uk>, Martin McEvoy
<martin at weborganics.co.uk> writes
>   * The contributor's name SHOULD also be marked up as a valid hCard
>     Microformat. <http://microformats.org/wiki/hcard>

For the record; I do not regard the above as resolving (nor even
addressing) the issue highlighted in the e-mail cited in the issue-log.

>  * If multiple contributors are specified, without |role|
>     specifications, it /MAY/ be assumed that the first role mentioned
>     is the primary artist or creator.

This does not work for collaborations:

        Paul Simon & Art Garfunkel

        Robert Plant & Alison Krause

and does not work in prose or tables like:

        Simon Rattle / Beethoven's Fifth

>This applies to plain-text
>     contributor markup as well.

Really? How will parsers handle:

        Paul Simon & Art Garfunkel

        Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel

        Paul Simon
        Art Garfunkel

        Paul Simon/ Art Garfunkel

        Paul Simon, Art Garfunkel

        Paul Simon und Art Garfunkel

        Paul Simon et Art Garfunkel

and every other language (and character-set) variant; and how will they
differentiate between:

        Paul Simon-Art Garfunkel


        John-Paul Jones

[Other interested parties CCd]

Andy Mabbett

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