[uf-new] rel=license scoping and hAudio

Martin McEvoy martin at weborganics.co.uk
Wed Aug 20 11:19:23 PDT 2008

Martin McEvoy wrote:
> Hello Toby...
> Toby A Inkster wrote:
>> For the purposes of illustration, say I'm writing an article entitled 
>> "Music in the Digital Age" discussing how the Internet has changed 
>> modern music. I may wish to write that:
>>   ...
>>   <span class="haudio">
>>     <span class="contributor">Nine Inch Nails</span>
>>     released their recent album
>>     <span class="album">Ghosts I-IV</span> under a
>>     <a href="http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/3.0/us/"
>>     rel="license">Creative Commons license</a>
>>   </span>
>> Now, an hAudio parser (of which there are few) will interpret this as 
>> meaning that the Nine Inch Nails' album is released under that licence.
>> But a general rel=license parser (of which there are many, including 
>> Yahoo! (cc) Search, Google Usage Rights Search, and absolutely any 
>> RDFa parser) will interpret this as meaning that the whole page is 
>> available under that licence, which may not be the case.
>> With rel-tag, the scoping issue is of less importance. If I want to 
>> tag, say, a particular hCard with a tag of "Tennis" because that 
>> person is a tennis player, it is not too unreasonable if the whole 
>> page is interpreted as being tagged "Tennis" - after all, the page 
>> does mention a tennis player, so does have an (albeit perhaps minor) 
>> topic of "Tennis".
>> With rel-license scoping has potentially major legal ramifications. 
>> Essentially it means that any rel=license link found needs to be 
>> manually checked to determine exactly what the licence applies to. 
>> And if one needs to manually inspect a page to determine its licence, 
>> then rel=license is adding no value.
> This is true,
> I would prefer to use rel="copyright"
> http://www.w3.org/TR/REC-html40/types.html#type-links
> because rel="licence" is primarily used for CC licences.
> But even so the problem still exists that the rel-copyright still only 
> applies to the entire document.
> So *maybe* there is need  for something more specific that can be 
> related to the object maybe a rel="rights" or something else new..?

No Im wrong hAudio *can* use rel="copyright"


"Are "rel" attributes, and linktypes in general, just document to document?

The vast majority of the rel values defined in HTML4 are from a document 
to a document. rel="stylesheet" is a bit of an exception, as it from an 
HTML document to a style sheet, which is more like a set of styling 
rules and instructions than a "document" in the classical sense.

Two more notable exceptions are rel="copyright" and rel="bookmark" which 
describe the relationship from the current document to (potentially) 
only part of a document. "


change rel="licence" to rel="copyright"

I would have proposed rev="copyright" but rev is depreciated in 
Microformats (which is a shame in this case because it looks like 
something hAudio needs)


Martin McEvoy
> Thanks
> Martin McEvoy

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