[uf-new] Made By Microformat, was (Re: [uf-discuss] hFoaF - Hypertext Friend of a Friend)

Martin McEvoy martin at weborganics.co.uk
Sun Dec 7 05:09:20 PST 2008

This is a re post from microformats discuss....

Martin McEvoy wrote:
> Toby A Inkster wrote:
>> This (on <this-page>):
>>     <a href="that-page" rev="made vote-for">that page</a>
>> means:
>>     <that-page> made <this-page>
>>     <that-page> is voted for by <this-page>
>> And this:
>>     <a href="that-page" rel="made vote-for">that page</a>
>> means:
>>     <this-page> made <that-page>
>>     <this-page> is voted for by <that-page>
> OK Toby :-) , lets agree to differ, I think that because rev=made has 
> been so badly abused and its definition in html is unclear compared to 
> the foaf definition of made, I have dropped rev=made completely, (it 
> makes my head hurt thinking about it), In favour of rev=author which 
> is used to link from your homepage to things that you have authored.

I really don't like the above approach because, in short I would like to 
us an @rel value

So I would like to discuss a new microformat to link from your homepage 
to a page or website that has been made by you.

You see this kind of thing a lot in the wild, how many web designers 
have portfolio pages linking to pages that the web designer has made, a 
lot .

I would like to propose something new rel="made-by"

<a href="http://somesite.com/" rel="made-by">some site</a>

would translate as.....

<http://somesite.com/> is made by the referring page..

Some will argue for rel="author", cool great, but It wont work on your 
homepage, only on pages you authored.

<a href="http://somesite.com/" rel="author>some site</a>

would translate as.....

<http://somesite.com/> is author of  the referring page..

Anyway are there any thoughts on how to approach this issue?


Martin McEvoy


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