[uf-new] Re: Reviving hProduct

Ben Ward lists at ben-ward.co.uk
Mon Jul 7 09:37:48 PDT 2008

Hi Jay,

On 7 Jul 2008, at 17:11, Jay Myers wrote:

> All,
> It seems like the hProduct microformat hasn't seen a lot of  
> revisions since it's initial brainstorming in 2006 (feel free to  
> correct me on this if there are current efforts taking place :-) ).  
> I'm attempting to revise the schema for use in an upcoming August /  
> September project release. I have taken the current brainstorming  
> schema and added on some new items. I would like to open this up to  
> discussion and move this format forward, and any assistance the  
> community would be able to provide would be helpful.

It's great that you're keen to take a lead on further brainstorming.  
Please conduct work on new microformats on the [uf-new] mailing list,  
rather than discuss. Thanks!

> Altered schema: http://jay.beweep.com/hproduct/hproduct-schema.txt
> Unstyled HTML example: http://jay.beweep.com/hproduct/hproduct-example.html

The old product brainstorm is discarded, so please edit the wiki.  
Either start a fresh brainstorm section on the current page, or work  
with the existing text.

> The altered schema:

For reference, much of the schema you describe there has been rolled  
into hListing, which whilst also technically a proposal, is more  
mature and has been implemented successfully by a number of people.  
That covers the price/merchant side of things.

The documentation for listing, and interating on it to reach draft  
also needs doing, I apologise for not following through my intent to  
take a lead on that. Lots of other µf things have come up that always  
seem more urgent.

I'd suggest that product-specific fields focus on the product _item_,  
e.g. where you have .hListing > .item, or .hReview > .item, you could  
insert an ‘hProduct’ there, enhancing the semantics, and achieving  
listing products with prices through the formats being used in  



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