[uf-new] hTopList

Regine Heidorn regine at regine-heidorn.de
Fri Mar 14 01:08:30 PST 2008

Sorry, I missed it some days ago: somebody wanted to know about  

Just for fun I developed a TopList mixing hAudio and hReview, you may  
find it here: http://www.regine-heidorn.de/thinner.html
It's an example-list of my favorite thinner-tracks and I had the  
following thoughts on it:

- as a TopList it has to be an ordered list (<ol>) with its ID  
telling the numbers of tops (5 in this case) and its class telling  
the whole out of which the tops are taken (thinner-tracks in this  
case). The whole can be a magazine, an artist, an album, a label, the  
genre etc. Since you can assign multiple classes it's also possible  
to add more information like e. g. class="thinner albums benfay"  
meaning: a TopList containing albums of the netlabel thinner from the  
artist benfay.

- it could cooperate with more microformats, the list could also  
contain hCalendar for events like concerts, readings, performances  
etc. or one could add another hReview and include videos, blog-posts  
and more. The artist could be named via hCard that could also be used  
to specify the rater or reviewer.

- the <ol> should contain exactly the number of <li>-elements that  
are top-rated, e. g. a top5-list should contain 5 <li>s. Same for the  
rating which always has to be the rating out of the whole number, e.  
g. 3 out of 5.

All in all it's maybe not necessary to create an own hTopList, one  
can just mix some elaborated microformats.
Only specification to make it a TopList and not only a mixture of  
existing microformats would be to use an <ol> with IDs and classes as  
mentioned above and the obligation to use exactly the number of <li>s  
according to the number of items rated. The <li>s have to be in the  
right order, e. g. 5 out of 5 has to be the first <li>, 3 out of 5  
the third.

Apart from that hTopList would give some orientation on how to mix  
existing microformats not creating a tag-soup but using always the  
same convention.

I guess as a microformat it might be usefull also for platforms like  
last.fm, but it would also be nice for those bloggers addicted to  
lists, I think of something like a WordPress-PlugIn for TopLists.

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