[uf-new] hListing vs hJob

Chuck Allen chucka at hr-xml.org
Fri Mar 21 08:52:15 PST 2008

Darren Bounds wrote:
> Hi Chuck,
> Thanks for the insight. I'd love to see the drafts when they become available.
> I'm curious, how do you envision describing common job posting
> artifacts like 'full-time', 'part-time', 'contract' using hListing?
> Darren

I think those are exactly the kinds of items that are likely border-line for inclusion in a microformat. I think the challenge of this is keeping the 
"micro" in this format. If you had to boil this down to the very essential things "a human first" and a "computer second" would search/leverage with 
respect to job information on the web, you are likely talking about little more than:

Occupation classification (e.g., Accountant, Software Engineer, etc.)
Location ( City, Region, PostalCode, Country, etc.)
Remuneration (likely a range and or description)
Competency (anyone interested in a "Wikipedia of Skills"? http://www.hr-xml.org/blog/?p=161 )
How to apply (basically hCard stuff)

An HR aside (mircoformatters needn't read on) -- The "classification stuff" - 'full-time', 'part-time', 'contract'  etc. - is tricky territory from an 
HR perspective and traditionally has been modeled in a way that munges a lot of concepts together (often in the form of a system-specific "job 
classification code"). I'm going to be putting a webinar on the schedule in the next month to zoom in on how we've remodeled this stuff in a much more 
sensible and consistent way than in the past. But I assure you (and I'm sure few on this list will doubt), our new model belongs in the back office 
and not in a microformat.

I'll follow-up off line so we can get you connected under Vurv's membership.

Best Regards,

Chuck Allen
HR-XML Consortium, Inc.

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