[uf-new] Comment Questions

Martin McEvoy martin at weborganics.co.uk
Tue Nov 11 05:02:16 PST 2008


I have updated some of the pages relating to a comment microformat see:


And also


I believe a simple comment format is achievable, but first I have some 
things that need to be discussed

The common consensus is that a comment format should rest in the realm 
of hAtom particularly hEntry, I kind of agree accept for one or two points

The hAtom spec says :

"an Entry /SHOULD/ have an Entry Title"

Unfortunately None of the comment examples Support an entry-title 
element, in fact the "title" of a comment rarely occurs in common 
practice. How would a comment microformat (should it reuse hatom terms)  
resolve the concept of entry-title?


The hAtom spec' also says:

an Entry /SHOULD/ have an Entry Permalink

Permalinks to comments DO occur but only around 40% of the time in the 
examples I have studied, but more often than that there is no permalink 
at all. The easy solution to that I suppose is require that every 
comment  /must/ have a unique ID then a "permalink" can be generated 
into a fragment url eg: http://someweb.com/page#comment1, but isnt this 
imposing too much on would be authors by explicitly stating that every 
comment /must/ have an ID



Martin McEvoy


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