[uf-new] Statement of Principles/code of conduct - any prior work ?

Mark Ng mark at markng.me.uk
Thu Nov 13 04:25:30 PST 2008

I'm currently working on an initiative to help increase news media
transparency using the "semantic web", initially focussing on
encouraging the use of microformats for news (
http://www.mediastandardstrust.org/projects/transparency.aspx - it's
getting its own dedicated site in the next day or two ).  One of the
most important building blocks for this is being able to specify a
statement of principles/ethics or code of conduct for a piece of

I envisage this working something like rel-license.

On looking around for prior work in this area, I've noticed this :
(which doesn't talk about the technical implementation of the idea,
but more about providing example ethics codes, like creative commons),
but not much else.  Is anyone aware of other things I should look at
before building some examples on the wiki ?



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