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Toby A Inkster mail at tobyinkster.co.uk
Fri Nov 14 11:08:47 PST 2008

Martin McEvoy wrote:

> Also, Are there any parsers that will digest nested <hfeed> elements ?

Recent versions of Cognition will handle nested hfeeds correctly,  
only associating the hentries with their innermost ancestor hfeed.


	<hfeed id="f1">
	  <hentry id="f1e1" />
	  <hentry id="f1e2">
	    <hfeed id="f2">
	      <hentry id="f2e1" />
	  <hfeed id="f3">
	    <hentry id="f3e1" />

Will be parsed as a structure:

	Feed f1:
		Entry f1e1
		Entry f1e2

	Feed f2:
		Entry f2e1

	Feed f3:
		Entry f3e1

However, no particular relationship between the feeds is inferred  
from the nesting. They are taken to be completely independent.

Atom files of course only allow a single <feed/> element, so if  
outputting Atom, Cognition needs to be told which feed to output. By  
default it will pick the implied hfeed on <html> if that has any  
entries, and if not it will pick one mostly at random. If given an  
input URI with a fragment identifier that points to an element with  
class='hfeed' it will output the feed identified. The RDF based  
outputs include all the feeds, but not using an RSS-compatible  

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