[uf-new] hAudio 1.0 Draft Release

Manu Sporny msporny at digitalbazaar.com
Wed Oct 15 14:10:43 PDT 2008

Tantek Celik wrote:
> Additionally: in general I agree with the methodology of 
> simplifying/reducing the schema and property set -
> hence the start as simple as possible principle as
> documented:

In general, I agree with simplifying/reducing the schema and property
set as long as it still addresses the problem shown via the examples.

However, we should be careful not to over-simplify the problem. We did
start with a much smaller set of terms for hAudio and grew into what we
have now because of the audio-info-examples[1].

The changes that are currently being proposed ignore a great deal of the
examples that were gathered. It over-simplifies the problem due to a
mis-understanding of what the Pareto principle means.

The audio-info-examples show that both individual audio recordings and
collections of audio recordings are prevalent in the sites that were
analyzed. Furthermore, the community has gone to great lengths to solve
the single recording/multiple recording issues and has created something
that seems to work for most of the audio-info-examples.

The strongest case for removing the hard work that this community has
done is based off of a possible mis-understanding of the Pareto
principle (80-20).

-- manu


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