[uf-new] hAudio 1.0 Draft Release

Martin McEvoy martin at weborganics.co.uk
Wed Oct 15 19:20:02 PDT 2008

Scott Reynen wrote:
> On [Oct 15], Martin McEvoy wrote:
>> Sigh!
> Indeed.

yes Indeed...
>>> The content type should certainly be made explicit when known, but 
>>> making it a class name is a mistake - the type attribute should be 
>>> used as above. Making it into a class takes it away from the link, 
>>> so you end up with stuff like this, which is meaningless:
>>>    <div class="haudio">
>>>      <span class="fn">Example</span>
>>>      <a rel="enclosure" href="foo1">download 1</a>
>>>      <span class="type">audio/ogg</span>
>>>      <a rel="enclosure" href="foo2">download 2</a>
>>>    </div>
>> Do you ever read any of my emails? ...don't you mean....
>>   <div class="haudio">
>>     <span class="fn">Example</span>
>>     <a  rel="enclosure" href="foo1" type="audio/ogg">download 1</a>
>>     <a rel="enclosure" href="foo2" type="audio/ogg">download 2</a>
>>   </div>
> You're both saying the same thing.
yes that's the point, just in different ways, nice observation though ;-)
>> In haudio Item is not Opaque
> Another imagined disagreement:
>> Item
>> [...]
>>     * The element MUST be processed opaquely.
> http://microformats.org/wiki/haudio#Item

I have read it Many times Scott thanks, but you have to read on a little 
to understand what I am driving at....


      Parser Processing Notes

    * It is important to understand that ITEM is an opaque element. When
      processing the ITEM element, none of the properties of the child
      hAudio should be pulled into the parent hAudio. However, it is
      recommended that child hAudio /SHOULD/ inherit the following
      parent hAudio properties, if they are not specified on the child:
          o album
          o contributor
          o category
          o published
          o photo

...None of the above properties Should be inherited from the parent 
hAudio, Item is Not opaque when it does "inherit" all those extra 
properties and is something unknown to the way current microformats 
work, If Item is changed to have the ability to glean properties from 
the parent, then there is nothing opaque about it.

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