[uf-new] Closing hAudio issues D1, D3 and D4

Martin McEvoy martin at weborganics.co.uk
Mon Sep 1 02:01:20 PDT 2008

Hello all

I will be closing issues  D1, D3, and D4 today the  solutions  are 
outlined below.
D1: 2008-01-10
Contributor[1] *Resolved Issue*

The hAudio Contributor Specification is to be changed to:

* The element is identified by the class name |contributor|.
* hAudio /MAY/ include one or more contributors.
* The contributor's name SHOULD also be marked up as a valid hCard 
Microformat. <http://microformats.org/wiki/hcard>
    * The |role| attribute /SHOULD/ be used to specify the contributor's 
responsibility related to the audio recording if hCard is utilized.
* The contributor's name MAY be specified in plain-text without being 
enclosed in a hCard Microformat.


* If multiple contributors are specified, without |role|
  specifications, it /MAY/ be assumed that the first role mentioned
  is the primary artist or creator.

as highlighted By Manu Sporny

D3: 2008-01-10 *Resolved Issue*
Position [3]

The position is used to describe the position of the hAudio item in a
list. Examples of hAudio lists can include album track listings, music
top 10 lists, playlists, and podcast chapters.

* The element is identified by the class name |position|.
* hAudio /MAY/ include one |position| element.
* The contents of the element /MUST/ be a number or other sequential 
* The sequential identifier /MAY/ be specified out-of-sequence

As highlighted By Manu Sporny 

Andy Mabbett Expressed concerns that the Complete album example on the 
wiki http://microformats.org/wiki/haudio#Complete_Album_Example should 
be marked up as an ordered  list this is unnecessary as "position" is 
nothing to do with the order of a track item in a list.

@todo a tutorial on the importance of semantic ordered lists and hAudio 
is to be added to the hAudio Authoring Page 
D4: 2008-01-10 *Resolved Issue*

rel-enclosure does not allow for links to streaming files [3]

This can potentially be solved by recognition of downloadable/streamable 
MIME types. For performance reasons it is undesirable for parsers to be 
required to make HTTP requests for each file to determine its MIME type, 
so authors should be encouraged to include the MIME type in the type 

The hAudio Enclosure Specification is to be changed to:

Full Download (Enclosure)

A Full Download URI specifies from where the full version of an audio 
recording may be retrieved. The URI MUST point to a direct link to a 
file retrieval process (FTP, HTTP, BitTorrent URI, etc).

* The element is identified by a URI fitting the rel-design-pattern, the 
rel content being enclosure.
* hAudio MAY include one or more enclosure URIs.
* The type of the file SHOULD be specified by using the type specifier 
for a URI.

as suggested by Tantek 

and also by Toby 

@todo tutorial on the importance of a type specifier is to be added to 
the hAudio Authoring Page http://microformats.org/wiki/haudio-authoring


Best Wishes

Martin McEvoy

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