[uf-new] figure microformat

Toby A Inkster mail at tobyinkster.co.uk
Tue Sep 16 09:39:24 PDT 2008

Dear all,

Sarven Capadisli and I have, for the last 6 months or so, been  
working on a "figure" microformat for marking up images, charts and  
diagrams as part of a document.

After a lot of brainstorming by many people on the microformats wiki,  
and off-site, what we've arrived at is a "port" of the HTML 5 figure  
construct to earlier versions of (X)HTML. The HTML 5 figure construct  
looks like this:

	    <img ...>

This is translated into a microformat as:

	<div class="figure">
	    <img class="image" ...>
	    <p class="legend">...</p>

We've also defined various optimisations - for example, in the code  
above, the 'class="image"' could be removed.

Lastly, we've defined some ways to use some existing microformats  
(rel-tag, hCard and hCalendar) inside figure to mark up what the  
image depicts, the credits, and some tags.

We'd appreciate your feedback on the draft specification so far -  
either on this mailing list, or on the issues page.


Toby A Inkster
<mailto:mail at tobyinkster.co.uk>

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