[uf-new] hProduct: Should "availability", "quantity" and "shipping" be part of hProduct or hListing?

Nicolas Leroy nicolas at nicolasleroy.fr
Mon Sep 22 07:45:08 PDT 2008

As I'm new to this discussion around hProduct, let me (briefly)
introduce myself :)

I'm product manager at Kelkoo, an European price comparison site, part
of the Yahoo! group. At Kelkoo, we have become strong advocates of the
benefits of microformats (thanks to Ben Ward who contributes to this
list). Indeed, since our '07 redesign, we now support the hListing
microformat to describe all offers from merchants (+hReview, hCard).
Clearly, as product manager, I would welcome a hProduct microformat to
differenciate offers (product with a price / a deliverycost / an
availability sent by a single merchant) and products.

I had a look at the current status of the hListing microformats:
http://microformats.org/wiki/product-brainstorming - and you guys did
a really great job pushing this spec forwards.

My first question on this list would be on the "availability",
"quantity" and "shipping" elements.

As described on the twiki: "The actual price/sale price/final price
should be solely in the domain of hListing". I therefore think those
elements ("availability", "quantity" and "shipping") should be part of
hListing, not hProduct, as they are different for each merchant.

What do u think?

>From Nicolas Leroy - http://www.nicolasleroy.fr

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