[uf-new] New proposal: Elemental microformat for content boundaries

Indus Khaitan khaitan at gmail.com
Thu Apr 23 20:32:58 PDT 2009

Scott, Toby:

Thanks for the input about hentry/hatom.

I'm looking for something generic for demarcating arbitrary content
boundaries. Whether the content following is hAtom(s), hResume(s),
hProduct(s) or something else would be decided by the capabilities of
the parser (it at all it is interested in parsing the specific

Another prime motivation in the extended use-case is to allow bots to
see that the individual content units (for example comments) have 'URL
equivalence' [1] with other pages where the content unit has its own
linked page but also exist in other linked container pages.


[1] URL equivalence where an embedded content unit has it's own linked
page somewhere. eg. an embedded YouTube video has it's own linked page
somewhere on YouTube.

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