[uf-new] New microformat proposal: hPage

Luís Nóbrega nobrega.luis at gmail.com
Thu Aug 13 07:23:48 PDT 2009

Hello there

I have an idea to a new microformat, that I call "hPage".

Is purpose it's to represent web pages using the following properties:

- Title;
- Description;
- Keywords;
- Author;
- Year;
- And others

And can be used, for example to fill in automatically bookmarking
services and reference management softwares.

A good example for this could it be:

<div class="hPage">
 <div class="title">
 <div class="description">
 <div class="keywords">
 <div class="Author">
  (a link to an hCard)
 <div class="Year">

And with javascript it could be respected the DRY principle for the
title tag, keywords and description metatags.

Can anyone help me with the next steps to evolving this?

Thanks in advance!

Luís Nóbrega

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