[uf-new] Re: Exposing place names whose property type (street-adr, locality...) is unknown

JMesserly swarmers at gmail.com
Mon Feb 2 15:55:42 PST 2009

Kevin suggested:

> How about
> <div class="vcard" >
> <span class="label">
> <div class="adr">
> <span class="locality">Teal street</span>,
> <span class="locality">Honolulu</span>
> </div>
> </span>
> </div>
If this is kosher, then Operator gives me Maps just fine.  Your
microformats site was clear about unstructured data- I understood
about label.  As Brian noted, the problem is that nothing will use it
if I do it this way.  (Also if you notice on the example pages, I am
generating hcalendars, but we can punt on that until some history app,
or mr. peabody wayback machine applications show up.)  The template
code cannot do much- I don't even have string functions, but a python
Bot can make much more reasonable guesses at type.  For all of you
familiar with wikipedia, the danger of generating some false positives
is mitigated by the fact that editors constantly refine these articles
fiddling with such minutiae.  Editors will notice that a province of
some obscure African country was labeled as as a locality rather than
a region and correct it.

If there is a blessing on Kevin's scheme, I will proceed with his
approach. I will muck about with extended addresses to try and make
that fly, but otherwise I will use locality.


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