[uf-new] Issue HP3 - BUY vs. PAYMENT in hProduct

Manu Sporny msporny at digitalbazaar.com
Sun Feb 22 18:12:34 PST 2009

Paul Lee (이기수) wrote:
>>From the payment page:
> <quote>
> RelPayment is a microformat for making exchanges of support (be it
> financial or otherwise) possible. By adding rel="payment" to a
> hyperlink a page indicates that the destination of that hyperlink
> provides a way to show or give support for the current page. For
> example to give financial support to the owner of the current page.
> One of the goals with this microformat is to give content aggregators
> such as RSS readers a way to extract these support links and give them
> special attention (such as displaying a standard button along with the
> content).
> </quote>
> First, this seems like a simple exercise for blogs, etc.; but the
> transaction process for shopping sites is typically considerably more
> complex.  Usually, the actual payment URI is toward the end of the
> cart checkout process, the entry to which "buy" is intended to direct
> to the beginning of.

Hrm, I tend to disagree with your reading of payment. We use "payment"
in the same way that you intend to use it in hAudio - to point to a URL
that starts the purchase process.

> Second, there is the potential for confusion when using payment, since
> "payment" in the shopping space often refers to payment methods, e.g.,
> credit card, check, etc.

I think "payment-method" refers to the various payment methods, not

The argument for "buy" is a difficult one to make because there already
exists something for the purpose that you describe in Microformats -

hAudio defines payment like so:



"The URI MUST point to the beginning of a purchase process for the hAudio."

I don't see why you can't re-use that term instead of minting a new one.

-- manu

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