[uf-new] nutrition-facts in XHTML

Haeringer, Christian Christian.Haeringer at e-7.com
Wed Jul 22 02:20:44 PDT 2009

Hey everybody,

I am looking for a possibility to publish and embed nutrition-facts in XHTML.

There is already an element called "nutrition" in the hRecipe draft specification. It would be useful to create a new elemental format for it. Like this could be integrated in compounds like hProduct.

Thus, I would like to propose a new microformat for nutrition-facts.

There is a group of nutrition-facts, called the “Big 8” (the energy value, the amount of protein, carbohydrate, sugar, fat, saturated fatty acids, dietary fibre and sodium), which is often published with many products due to a Council Directive of the European Union. For this reason there are countless examples for this type of data.

Thank you for any help or recommendations!

Kind regards

Christian Haeringer

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