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On Mon, 2009-06-29 at 23:44 +0100, Jamie Rumbelow wrote:
> Is there a semantic, POSH way of linking to a document's source or  
> reference. For example, on most Wikipedia articles, it lists a set of 
> sources for the article's content at the bottom - these surly have  
> semantic value (building inter-site links, inter-document links,  
> relevance of a document in a set of categories through rel="tag",
> etc.)

In addition to Ben's suggestion, (X)HTML offers some existing (but
fairly basic) facilities for citation:

If you're directly quoting from a source, both <q> and <blockquote> have
a "cite" attribute that allows you to include a link back. Sadly, it
seems browsers tend not to make this citation visible in the UI, but
it's possible to expose it using a little unobtrusive scripting. e.g.


Current XHTML 1.2 and XHTML 2.0 drafts allow a "cite" rel value. i.e.
your links can use rel="cite".

There's also of course the <cite> element.

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